Duty mark on silver spoon?

I’m new here. I’m a volunteer at my local Oxfam shop and have taken over (at least for the time being) the pricing of silver and silver-plated cutlery, so I’m on a steep learning curve! And would welcome any help you knowledgeable people can give me.

So I was wondering if this spoon is showing a duty mark? If so, which king would it be. If not, what does it signify.
Thanks in advance.

This spoon does indeed show a duty mark, the image being that of George III. The London hallmark has the date letter p for the assay year 1790/91.


thanks so much Phil. That’s really helpful and gives me a little confidence that I’m getting the hang of this hallmarking. :grin:

One further question - I can’t see any other marks to give an indicator of maker. Is thta normal for this period?

We normally see a maker’s mark but it does happen that occasionally they are missing, or sometimes too worn to see.

Looking at your picture again I think I see, on the far right, the vestiges of a rectangular outline which might be all that’s left of the maker’s mark.

thanks again! Your quick and clear repsonses are rellay appreciated.