E & Co Silverware - HELP!!

Briefly, I have two items, one fork and one a type of knife. They both have the inscription to each handle ‘Clarendon Hotel Brighton’. They are quite heavy. E & co engraving to back of each one with the K lettering in a lozenge shape, they are approx 8-10" long. Hope this helps
hallmarks 26-10-2009 13-54-35.jpg
Miscs 003.jpg

These are Elkington & Co electroplate with Elkington’s own date code for 1849. I can’t give you a value, but suspect they may be of interest to a collector as they are fairly early examples of electroplate.

Thanks for the reply…could you possibly point me in the right direction of where to find a good collector of early electroplate??

Many thanks :smiley:

Also, would you know what these items were used for?? Thanks again :slight_smile:

The answer to the first question is, sorry, no I can’t, although if you want to sell them an online auction site would probably be a good bet. The answer to the second question is that they are fish servers - I should have included that information with my earlier reply.