E.S Barnsley & Francis Webb Silver Napkin Rings


I was wondering if any of you silver experts could help me. I work for a charity shop and yesterday we had four napkin rings donated into our shop. I knew they were silver because of the lion mark but at that point didn’t know much else!

Anyhow, I made a quick note of the marks and when I got home tried to find out more online. What i thought was a flower mark is actually a anchor so I know this means Birmingham silver, then the marks E.S.B mean E.S Barnsley & Co Ltd and I think this dates to around 1913. The date letter is W but I can’t remember whether it was in small or upper case and also the shape it was in. They are quite heavy silver.

The other one says F.W which I guess means Francis Webb Ltd and I guess might date to around the same time but this has a date letter E. I am fairly sure the E was upper case. This silver was very light and more shiny than the other pieces.

I have one more piece but the makers mark has been erased and it has a date letter Y.

Hopefully someone can help me and give me advice before I go into work tomorrow! It would be nice to make some money from them for the charity!