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Early Silver Chalice

I’m trying to document some silver for my local parish church and I’ve got to an early item I struggling to date. Also if anyone knows the maker or the significance of the fleur de lis that would be super.

Thanks in advance,
Chalice Hallmarks.JPG

This may be the earliest piece of silver we have been asked to identify on the forum. I believe that the mark is London, 1564. The fleur-de-lys is the maker’s mark but unfortunately his name is not known. Jackson notes a fleur-de-lys mark which is probably the same with the comment “This mark is found on many communion cups 1559-74”.

Thank you ever so much, it is a beautiful piece the only sad things are we hardly ever use it due to it’s age and in 1877 when it was presented it was very heavily engraved on the base and the bottom.