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Ebay auction prices fair?

We have set of International Silver Spring Glory pattern to sell. Are the Ebay auction results appropriate these days? All comments welcome. Thanks.

It depends what you mean by “fair”. With such a huge pool of potential buyers I think that prices in general are realistic. Don’t forget that you still have to sell your items with good descriptions and pictures.

Thank you most kindly for your reply. Your point about the greater market with Ebay is appreciated. Would you have an opinion as to whether or not one should sell through Ebay or a reputable private auction house? Ebay seems much simpler given a possible minor gain otherwise. Recently, a set 74 pieces of Spring Glory sold here on Ebay for 1636.11 US dollars or 997.04 GBP. Forgot to note the weight before the auction ended. Would you have any personal opinion about the price received. Your perspective from Britain would be most interesting. Thanks. //Andrew