EBERLE dessert bowls? please help me with estimated value!

I have 4 of these, and after scouring the internet, haven’t found diddly about them. Can you please help???

Well, if no one has any info on these, maybe you have some sources? I dont mind doing the work, just tired of dead ends…

I guess you’ve tried Googling ‘EBERLE Silver’? There are a few options there.

Yes, i’ve tried every which way possible, as it seems there were some silver medal olympians as well as quite a few artists with the last name eberle. I even tried the deep web and the dark web with no luck. All i’m trying ti find out is if they are pure silver or silver plate, and a ball-park value… i cant understand why there is so little info…

If there is no purity mark such as “sterling” or “925” then they are almost certainly not solid silver so will have no intrinsic value. You are looking at decorative or utility value only.

Ahhhh. thats exactly what i needed to hear. Now i can finally move on to more important stuff… And thanx,