Edinburgh Hall mark

I have an old silver sporran with Edinburgh marks for 1909 which was supplied by Anderson and Sons of George Street but the makers mark is Y&T and I can’ find out who that is. There are other items that have been sold with that mark but none that clarify who it is. Any ideas?

According to the web site of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh Y&T is the mark of Young & Tatton. The partnership of Henry Tatton and his brother-in-law, Walter Young, lasted from 1892 until 1905. at which point the partnership was dissolved and the firm continued in the sole name of Henry Tatton with the mark HT. I can’t explain the 1909 date on your sporran.

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Thanks. That is great. I’ll double check the letter mark. I may have misread it. - the position makes it hard to see the shape of the surround.

It is a 1909 mark.

The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh Website goes on to say: The firm name thereupon changed to Henry Tatton and the mark to the initials HT. However, the person writing the Day Books at the Assay Office continued to write “Young & Tatton” until 25 August 1909.

Can only assume they must have gone on using the Y&T stamp too.

I am to believe that the correct stamp is “H. T”
With the omission of the period between the letters belongings to A.H. Tongue or Hubert Tornhill.
I do hope this helps.

Tongue was a Birmingham silversmith and Thornhill (not Tornhill) was in London so neither would (or have) registered marks in Edinburgh.