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edinburgh i think?

any help would be greatly appreciated. there is the castle that looks like edinburgh, thistle, and the backwards c with the forwards c which would appear to be 1752. however, those three hallmarks together do not make sense. to me at least. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

oh, I also cannot find information on the maker’s mark. A.M.B

Yes it is an Edinburgh hallmark. Combine the backwards c and forwards c together and you get an x which is the date letter for 1953. Then note that the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is one frequently used on coronation souvenirs. AMB is listed by the Edinburgh Goldsmiths Incorporation as Anne Melvin Buchanan, variously described as an art student and artist craftsman. However the illustration of her mark has central pellets: A·M·B, so this may be an unregistered variant.

wow, thank you very much for that quick response! the “cc” thing was confusing me since i would have assumed in 1953 they could have had an actual “x”. the closest that i could find that looked like cc was 1752, but the other hallmarks, thistle and castle together, made that impossible. and then there was the whole Queen Elizabeth issue too. :slight_smile:

again, thank you very much for your reply!