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Edinburgh silver makers name ID


Hi Daniel

Would you please help me ID the makers name on a pair of Edinburgh silver serving spoons please,
maker ‘AW’

Many thanks
A pair Edinburgh serving spoon 1815 hallmarks.jpg


Hi Trevor,
Excuse the late reply, I was out yesterday at Goldsmiths hall for a seminar.

I have found a very similar mark to yours, from the same date 1815, but registered in Aberdeen, and oddly registered to P. Lambert! The mark reads AW (same as yours) the thistle mark, the j for 1815, and then PL for Lambert. I can find no reference to why the AW mark was included, so I am a little stumped. (could he be an assay master rather than a silversmith?)

The only other maker I can find is Andrew Wilkie, who was registered in Edinburgh at the right time, but I have so far been unavailable to find his mark.

It might be another one for the assay office i’m afraid.

Hope this helps a little



Hi Daniel

Thank you again for the detailed information, really appreciate the guidance!

I’ll send an email to the Edinburgh assay office as suggested.

Will confirm to you responce.

Best wishes