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Electro plate marks

My second post as a new collector.
I have an electroplated Ink Stand or Desk Set which has some marks that I would like help with. The marks are,
J D & S which I believe are for James Dixon and Son.
E P a vertical stamp for Electro Plate.
The last mark is the one that has me stumped. It is on a shield and looks like abird with outstreached wings and small tail wings. A modern description would be a plan view of a fighter plane. Hope this makes sense.
Under this line of marks in heavy text is stamped M 8 80.
The washers under the wingnuts holding the handle in place are marked Sheffield.

Thanks in advance.
Graeme Fowles gramar

JD&S in this case is James Deakin & Sons of Sheffield. The mark you describe is actually an oil lamp and is Deakin’s trade mark.

Thanks for your reply.
Any idears about the M880 mark. I thought it may give the date of manufacture.

Regards gramar.

M880 is probably a pattern number - it would certainly be a factory-applied code of some sort. Now if only we had the pattern books and company ledgers…

Electroplate is notoriously hard to date as very few manufacturers, with the notable exception of Elkington, used any sort of date coding. History tells us that the company founded by James Deakin became “& Sons” some time not too long before 1886 and continued in business up to at least the mid-1930s.