Electroplated Walker & Hall coffee and Tea set

Hi All,
I am new to this site and a complete novice regarding Silver wear items, I have made purchase of a set from Walker& Hall which comprises of a tea pot, coffee Pot, Sugar pot and Milk Jug.
Having made my purchase of these beautiful items, I decided to look into the back ground of the items, Now from reading some of the post I believe my item to be ElectroPlated however on each of the Post’s I have read and the Pictures submitted of other Walker&Hall elcetroplated coffe and tea sets None have shown what my items have which is a stamp right at the top of the item which has 12oz inside a square stamp.
So I wondered if my item had an element of Actual Silver content ??

They also have the flag with W&H the letter M then a number 53312 A1 I know A1 means ElectroPlated then underneath this are the words Walker & Hall Sheffield

Then the stamp stating Warrented Hard & Silver Soldered with a number 1 under that

did want to add pictures but having a problem with this hoping to rectify

Can anyone bare any light on my query Re : the mark 12oz ??

Any information regarding this would be greatfully recieved

From your description of the mark I am certain that your tea service is electroplated. “12 oz” could be a note of capacity; does it appear on all the items? Please continue with your efforts to post pictures as they will help identification.

Hi Silvermarkersmark,
Thankyou for responding to my post,

I am working on the pictures and hope to have some on very soon.

In reply to your question does this mark appear on all the items

The sugar bowl has the stamp 12 oz

The Milk Jug has the stamp 7ozs

The Tea pot has what appears to be either 211P or 2 HP eyesight not too good lol

And last but not least

The Coffee Pot has 1 1/2 pts

if any of this makes sence i’d love to hear what it does mean and will endevour to get some pictures uploaded soon so that you can take a look


These are certainly measures of capacity. 12 fluid ounces (“12 oz”) is about 340ml, 7 fluid ounces is about 200ml and 1½ pints is about 850ml. I am pretty siure that if you look closely at the mark on the teapot it will also be a capacity in pints.

Thanks for that I had a little chuckle to myself after reading, that I did not realise this for myself but thankyou again for the clarification



I have just seen this post. 53312 is Walker & Hall’s model/catalogue number and “M” is a date letter code. It was used in 1930 and again in 1940.