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Elkington & Co.

Hi. I have been doing some research regarding a cruet set which I have inherited from my Grandmother. As far as I can tell from the hallmark it was made by Elkington & Co. in 1865. I do not know whether it is silver plate or sterling silver, and have absolutely no idea of it’s worth for insurance purposes. Could someone please confirm whether my research regarding manufacturer and date of manufacture is correct, tell me whether it is sterling or plated silver (or at least how to find out), and if the piece is complete (there are no spoons for example). Also, some idea of the value for insurance purposes would be helpful. I have attached some photos which I hope will be helpful in identifying the piece.
Kind regards, Archi

This is electroplate so the mark is not, strictly speaking, a hallmark. I can confirm 1865 as the date of manufacture and I think that you are right in suspecting that there are missing spoons, although I don’t see hangers for spoons in your picture. As to value a quick look through Ebay’s completed auctions of egg cruets leads me to suggest that 50 GBP would be a realistic maximum price. Note, though that electroplate values are highly dependent on the condition of the plating - any plating loss would lead to serious devaluation.

Thank you for replying to my post. There is indeed no hanger for spoons such as I have seen on other similar pieces. The set is in excellent condition and likely to remain so as I only occasionally eat boiled eggs, and rarely prepare six at a time!
Kind regards, Archi.