elkington spoons

I have 6 elkington spoons and they seem to be an unusual style, I cant seem to load a picture , the bowl is deep and round and the whole spoon is teaspoon size and the details of the hallmarks are below and wonder if you could help me please, I am new to this and eager to learn, your help would be gratefully appreciated. :smiley: D PIERCE

there are two lozenge shaped marks 1 saying ELKINGTON and the other saying PLATE
then there is a seperate shield on its side with the letters E&
at the other end of the lozenge is a shield with the letter K in it . there is also a number near the bowl of the spoon RE206512
Any help you can give me would be appreciated, Thanks DPIERCE

You have no doubt worked out that your spoons are electroplate rather than silver. Elkingtons used a proprietary date coding system which will allow you to date your spoons. A number of web sites have this information so a search for “Elkington date letters” should get you this information.

The number is a design registration number. 206512 was issued in 1893 so this is the earliest possible date for your spoons.

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Wow now that was a quick reply, thanks for the information and will see what else i can find out thankyou very much David D.PIERCE