Elkington Venison Server Attn: SilverMakersMarks

ATTN: SIlverMakersMarks: At long last I have worked out how to attach the pics of the Elkington Venison Server. I would very much appreciate any information you can provide, including where else I might go for an opinion on value. I believe the marks indicate it was manufactured in 1845. This is an ornate object some 24-25 inches wide and 16-18 inches tall. I’ve tried to value this but have found no comparisons so far. I am including other pics in a follow up posting.

[color=blue]I should also mention that the “tray” is actually a warming tray, with a port on the side to add hot water, I suppose, to keep the “venison” warm during service.
Handle 2.jpg
Halmarks dome.jpg
Venison Server.jpg

I can add that it is plated not silver. Dont know more.