Elusive hallmarks!

Apologies for the lack of a photo, digital camera not working! I have been given a very tarnished old silver bowl. I have been unable to find the hallmarks on any of the hallmark websites - so can anyone help please? There are: a star and crescent in a sort of shield shape; scales in a square with top right hand corner slanted and a thistle in an oval. Elsewhere on the base are a crown, fleur de lys and star but not ‘boxed’. The letters MBC are over the letters EP. Also shown: 0-0139/1

Please can anyone help??

MBC is probably the Meriden Britannia Company of Meriden, Connecticut. The scales were certainly part of their trade mark. If so, EP means your bowl is electroplated rather than solid silver.

Agree, its silver plate from Meriden Britannia Co. and probably pre-1930.


Uncle Vic

Many thanks for the replies, I shall investigate the company :smiley: