English bracelet, 1945, Birmingham Mint?

Hi, im uncertain as to the makers mark really, but what id most like to know is why such a piece would need to be stamped ‘STERLING SILVER’ ? Any help would be much appreciated🤔

I have no rational explanation for the “sterling silver” marking. It can’t be because it was imported from a country where this marking was the custom as the hallmark does not include an import mark. Equally it seems very unlikely, given the subject matter, that it was intended for export. If the sterling silver stamp is only on those components which have a partial hallmark (which seems to be the case) it may just be intended as an additional guarantee.

The date letter V may be either the lower case v of 1920 or the upper case V of 1945. I have not been able to find a reliable way of distinguishing between the two.

I have not seen the maker’s mark before so that doesn’t help with the date. Similar marks (BMCo, but in rectangular punches) are those of the Birmingham Medal Company and have been observed with dates between 1922 and 1934.


Thanks Phil, the odd hallmarking was half the reason i bought it. Sold to me as 1945, but yes i see what you mean about the 2 years.
I was hoping you would comment on this one. I like the extra gaurantee theory but theres 2 sections with only the partial standard marks and no STERLING SILVER…

Cheers, Mick