English Candy Dish

Can someone help me identify this piece ?
thanks, jon

The 4 gothic letters on either side of the mark read “EPNS”. This stands for ElectroPlated Nickel Silver so your dish is plated and not solid silver. The manufacturer’s mark is too blurred to read completely. All I can make out is “&SLtd”; the 3 letters above this are key to making an identification. Can you read them well enough to tell us what they are, or can you get another picture with that part of the mark in focus?


Thanks for the quick reply Phil.

I can only make out the &SLtd as well.
Any idea as to vavlue?


No real idea on value, but it won’t be very much. Electroplate, as there is no real silver content, has no intrinsic value and can be seriously devalued if there is any damage to the plating.