English Sauce boat age and maker?

Hi all:
I’m hoping that someone will be able to help me identify these marks. I’ve also included a picture of the gravy boat marks.

I would like to know the maker and when it could be made. It is silverplated, isnt it?

The top marks are: EP RC NS
Under this is 35.

I would be appreciated if somebody would help me!!!


angol szószsos tál.jpg
angol szószsos tál jelzése.jpg

I can’t help with what you really want to know, age and maker, but I can confirm that it is silverplated - the EP and NS together stand for electroplated nickel silver. RC are going to be the maker’s initials, but I don’t have a name to go with them.

Thank you for your reply!
One more question:The numbers on silverplated items usually refer to the designnumber or mean the thickness of silver or mean age or mens something else??

Thank you!

The numbers normally seem to indicate a design number. Plate quality is often shown by the fairly meaningless “A1” - meaningless because there is no standard to work to. Elkington’s plate normally has a date code and I understand that Huttons may also have used some sort of date coding, but I don’t think any others did so.