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English Silver Inkstand


Elkington & Co Linited in London mark registred 1890.
Lion passant for sterling.
Panters head for London
K is yearmark for 1905/1906

Thanks Hose_dk

Do you have any Idea how much it is worth?

Money value is of no interest to me.
You know how much you paid and how much you would be villig to give - so you have the value. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. In a capitalist world where money is the basis of our society it is not unusual to hear those words but I feel rather cynical. It is for this reason that I put it into the “what’s it worth” category of the forum and not the other sections :laughing:

and somebody might give you a figure.
However you have bought the item - and then you have the value.

Hi there,
You paid X for the piece what that represents is cost. Value and worth are much more subjective. However onto what I suspect is the kind of information your were expecting. I was at an auction last week where a similar ink stand (Sheffield 1915) was sold for £220 which when you add auction house fees etc would put full purchase price at about £250. Some auction houses maintain an archive of previous sales so that may be an option for more research.
Hope this helps,

Hi Tony

That’s the information I wanted :wink: Thanks a lot for your help (and Hose_dk).