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EP is it or is it not?

Hi All,
Just joined as I have some old silver / silver plated cutlery, looking around I see in on of the post that if it has EP it is electro plated but on another site it reads it can be [EP mark, Edward Power, Dublin 1819
Dublin 1819 hallmark.
So how do I know if it is or is no plated.
Thanks for looking.

What other marks are there? If EP is the only mark then it is definitely electroplate. If it were Edward Power it would have a complete Dublin hallmark in addition.


Thanks for replying I’ve uploaded a photo(hopefully)

The other mark reads NS so together we have EPNS = electroplated nickel silver. Nickel silver is a pewter-like base metal alloy. The mushroom, or whatever it is, will be the manufacturer’s emblem/logo, but it’s not one which I recognise.


Thanks for the information, I’ll keep looking through the bits I have and will no doubt be back again.