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EPC silver piece

I’ve been trying to research this piece and could use some identifying more information. I know it is electroplated over copper because unfortunately there is a small scrape on the bottom & I see the copper. This dish is a little over 7 1/2". The number next to the letters EPC is 5/277. I’m just trying to identify the age on this piece and it’s approximate value. As far as the metal goes, is there more value in the silver plate or the copper? Many thanks for your help.

One more quick questions — On a silver plated item, is there more value in the metal or the age of the item?

Your dish bears the trademark of the Sheffield Silver Co of Brooklyn, NY. This company registered its trademark in 1919 and was taken over by Reed & Barton in 1974. Clearly the dish dates to somewhere whithin that time span but I am unable to be any more precise.

I suspect that the copper content of the dish will have a greater value than the silver. A quick calculation, assuming a plating thickness of 10 microns, suggests about 1 gram of silver which at current prices is about 80 cents (my calculations are not guaranteed!).

My personal view is that the value of electroplated items is mainly in their decorative or utility value. Any plate loss can severely impact on value.