I could do with some help please.

I have been given a tiny silver plated tureen, the dish is 15 cms across, and the lid sits inside the dish.
Both bits have lovely flowered cut outs around the edges, the the lid has a black bakerlite knob at the top.
Underneath the dish, are the letters BHLD then EPNS. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whay the BHLD stands for please.
Thanks you

Hello. As I’m sure you are aware EPNS indicates that the item is silverplated. Searching for the BHLD mark I found the following listing on eBay which suggests a maker but it is not definitive. I will keep looking. Hope this helps a bit.

cgi.ebay.com.sg/SILVER-PLATE-EPN … dZViewItem

Best, Kelly

Thank you Kelly, gives me something to work on now too.

Regards :smiley: