EPNS - silver cutlery

Good Day

I’m new into silver. I got a set of cutlery 12 pieces with stamps/marks I can not identify. I think they’re EPNS with mother of pearl handles.

Can anybody help me on this case?

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Hasse Sweden

Hi there,
I can confirm they are indeed silver plated. Makers of the 19th century used marks very similar to this, and the presence of the crown suggests the maker may have been in Sheffield, but this is just an educated guess.

Thank you for your educated guess.
Yeah, Sheffield, that’s a clue, I dig in a little bit more on Sheffield, let’s see what that gives.

Thanks again

Not necessarily Sheffield - the crown was a fairly common device on electroplate but in Britain it was outlawed around 1890 to avoid confusion with Sheffield solid silver.

Marks like these crop up every so often on silver forums but I don’t think that they have been identified with any particular manufacturer.


Thank you Phil
Outlawed, you say, does that mean that these pieces could be before the 1890 then?

Yes, you’re probably right that there are a number of manufators marks of eletro plated that are not indentified, I think I’ve put enough time on this cutlery set and think I’m gonna turn to some other object now. Maybe I have better luck there.

Once again, thank you Phil

Before 1890 (or so - I can’t recall the exact date), if British. But it might not be British.

Yeah, it’s understood