Exhausted silver newbie needs a little help..!

Hi all! I got this silver handled tray a couple of years ago at Goodwill store. I’m guessing it’s a candy tray…? Anyone know for sure?

I’ve been searching (and searching) the hallmarks and I believe it is an electroplated nickel silver (EPNS marked) tray and maybe Sheffield…? There are 3 marking below the ‘EPNS’ which are: a man’s profice facing right, a crown, and a ‘S’ and I don’t know what these mean. On the other end of the dish its marked ‘5835A’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I guess I’m just wondering where it’s from, what it was used for and how old it is. I know it’s very tarnished and after finding this site I know how to clean it. Thanks everyone!!!

The manufacturer is the Sheffield Silver Co of Brooklyn, NY. 5835A is probably a pattern number. I’m not sure whether it had a specific purpose or not - whatever would look good on it, maybe fruit?

Thanks! Any clue how I would go about dating it…? Thanks again.

Electroplate is notoriously difficult to date. “Mid 20th century” may be as close as you will get.