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Fake hallmarks?


I have a Vesta case, fron the late 19th. It is fully harmarked silver but I see a thing which for me, at least is strange: When you open the case, at the top, the lip of the main body, where the hallmarks are stamped has a yellowish tone with remains of silver tone around.

All the other parts do seem genuine silver.

Does that mean that could not be silver?


What you are seeing are the remains of gilding with the silver showing through rather than silver with a base metal showing. Vesta cases were frequently silver gilt on the inner surfaces, either because of the difficulty of cleaning or because the sulphur in the matches would have caused excessive tarnishing.

Thanks for your answer.

Changing the subject: Do you know if the inside of a silver case of this kind(with some type of gilded reflections inside) is safe for health in order, to keep in it some edible stuff, for example pills?

Thank you very much :wink:

The gilt interior of the vesta case would probably have been safe to use for pills, etc. when it was first made, but I really wouldn’t recommend it now - there is no knowing what residues may have been deposited over the years.