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Fake Tiffany hallmark?

Hi guys, this is my ffirst post.

Do any of you Tiffany & Co experts see anything wrong with the M in the first picture?

Is not the M supposed to look ymmetrical like in the second picture? Someone told me that in John C. Moore’s period Tiffany used as many as five styles of M. Is there any truth to this?

Hi there Silverahoy and thanks for joining us. It appears authentic to me. The Tiffany discussion on page 251 of Dorothy Rainwater’s “Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers” shows two different syles of script "M"s. For a complete comparison, see Charles and Mary Grace Carpenter’s treatise, “Tiffany Silver”.


Uncle Vic

It looks to me like someone created a new hallmark by reverse engineering the existing M on another Tiffany piece. Could this be a very good fake? My friend has the Carpenter book and I can’t find any M like that.

And the use of the “gill” measure of volume is interesting as well…a gill is a unit of volume measure equal to one quarter of a pint. An old unit of measure never in common use in the US, mostly in the northern UK.

When looking at questioned items, logic teaches that high quality fake maker’s marks go on high value items. What is the first mark on? How about a photo of it, as well as its vitals…weight, measurements, etc?


Uncle Vic

Hi Uncle Vic,

Here is the coffee set the previous hallmark was taken from and a tazza with the same M hallmark:

Thanks Uncle Vic.
coffe set.jpg
silver tazza hallmarks.jpg

And here is a set of liqueur cups with the same style of M.

Each weighs 4.25 oz and is about 10 cm high. They look acid etched and have panelled sides. They belong to a family friend who claims to have bought them at auction in the UK. Here is the photo he sent me:

Silver, nothing wrong with the M in the picture. During the John Moore years Tiffany used 5 different styles of M, the one you showed being one of them.
And the wine goblets in the last photo are most definitely Art Deco Tiffany pieces.

Anyone knows how the other 4 looks like? I have one marked with an anchor, a passant lion, t&co and an m, nothing like ´this one, the gothic one or the Caps lock one