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Family old Silver

Hi there. I am lost on looking up what i have.
I have quit a bit. I will post some things and see what i get as a reply,
First Picture is Forks
Second Picture Spoon
Third Picture Fork

If the pictures are hard to see. I have set up Google plus page. Might be easier to see.
Plus have lots more to figure out…
Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Your forks are silver, GA is the sponsor’s mark for Chawner & Co and the hallmark is London 1880. The spoon is electroplated, by Elkington & Co of Birmingham. Unusually for electroplate Elkington used a date letter coding system and the letter L in a diamond is the date code for 1850.

Thank you so much.
If you know of anyone interest at looking at more and coins i have started Google plus page. I did not want to bog down this forum with all the pictures.