Fenton Bros Toastrack but unable to age from hallmark

Hi, I have a Fenton Bros EPNS toastrack but cannot find a similar hallmark to roughly age the piece. I have attached an image of the hallmark. It has F.Bros.L:.S and an impressed number 2615. I have seen the Fentone Bros marks at [url]http://www.silvercollection.it/electroplatesilverF.html[/url] but none the same as the one on this item.

Any help much appreciated

John and Frank Fenton formed Fenton Brothers in 1859.
They became Ltd. in 1897.
Although they produced sterling wares into the mid 20th century, my references show they stopped electroplating c.1910.


Thanks Snuffer, I really appreciate the heads up on the toast rack :slight_smile:

Any idea what the L and the S refer to?

L&S is actually L, small D, S for “Limited” and (probably) “Sheffield”.