First piece, and stumped already! "F & S", &am

Hi all,

I’ve picked up a cruet set that I liked the look of, and am trying to identify the hallmarks stamped under the stand.

It has a rectangle with “F & S” in capitals, a separate maltese cross and what looks like a very simple crown design. I’m pretty sure it’s silver plate, as theres no other marks, but cannot find any more information about the F & S mark.

Can anyone help a confused newbie?

Hi there, thanks for joining us on

I will do my best to help, but if you could post a picture on the site it would be easier to confirm what I think.

The mark is an old silver plate mark, and sounds very much like that of a company called Fattorini & sons, who were based in Bradford, and I believe making from around 1895. If you can post a pic of the whole cruet I can give you an idea of age from the style, and as i said before, if you post a pic of the marks I can confirm who the maker is.

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