First Silver Purchase - Need Help

We recently purchased a 3 piece tea/coffee server set and I am having a hard time finding information. The marks are:
1 A smiling leopard with a 3 spoked crown
2 A woman holding up her right hand - looks like there is a torch in it
3 A knight head
4 A sitting lion - tail up, with an “L” in a crest.

We also purchaed an F.B. Rogers Silver tray - Pattern No. 6712, with the 1883 mark on the back. The tray is engraved in the front with “With Love in Trippers”.

I am having a very hard time getting a good picture of these pieces, and I will post one if I manage to get one, but we are extremely excited about our first purchase, and would very much appreciate any help we get with determining origin/age, etc.

Thank you all so much in advance.

Welcome to silver-collector. I can’t help you with your coffee/tea set, but your tray is American and silver plated. F.B. Rogers was founded in 1883 in Mass. and most of their marks carry the “1883” number to this day, so dating your tray is near impossible. The company has changed hands over the years is now owned by the J.C. Boardman Co. I beleive they still produce plated goods today. I don’t think they ever produced sterling silver items.

Replacements, Ltd. in North Carolina shows a F.B. Rogers tray in pattern # 6711 that is just one digit off from yours. Take a look at, select “silver” go to the “F” section, select “FB Rogers” and scroll down to the 6711 and you can see it.

As a reminder to all, virtually all American sterling silver has the word “sterling” on it after about 1850. Let that be your first clue to whether its sterling or silver plate. There are some sterling items marked “950/1000” or just “925” but the word “sterling” is the key to American silver since the USA has never had a universal marking system as do the Brits.

Try to post or email a picture of the marks on the coffee set. I’ll be happy to take a look, my email is


Uncle Vic

Jee whiz, I did it again…“925/1000” not 950. My excuse is I chipped and painted two large diesel engines on our boat this past weekend and my fingers don’t work as well as they should. Plus I had to bury my clothes after that. I’ll be going fishing next week, away from a computer for a while, then gone again to the Republic of Panama for another fishing trip for 10 days in late June. Someone has to do it, might as well be me???

Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic. I’ll keep trying on those pictures!!

Try this website…

Sounds like your tea set is Brittania Silver…Purer than sterling
crowned leopard…older than the uncrowned leopard head…pre 1822 I think
Sitting Lion…??
Letter L…could be the date letter

But…I am very new to this indeed!!! Hope you find something!!!

The marks described do sound a little like English marks but I don’t think they are.

I have never seen a brittania standard tea set, let alone a 3 piece George III brittania standard teaset. It sounds unlikely to me.

Please post a picture of the marks and then we can be certain.



Thanks for the advice. I am still trying to get a good picture to post, especially of the marks. We took the pieces to a few antique dealers over the weekend. Everyone seems to agree that it’s worth probably on the average of $200.00, but we can’t get a consensus on date, origin, etc. All I know is that I am now hooked on antique silver. I never knew all this could be so interesting.

Thanks again for all help - Lynn