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Fish knife & fork set, Wien, around 1910 (?)


I recently bought this set, in fact two sets in 1 but they were sold as 1 set to me (and the shape of both is very similar).

I have 3 forks & 3 knives by Wolkenstein & Glückselig (Wien, likely around 1910 I guess). I know this company has been working with famous designers, and I’m a bit curious to know more about the design.
On one side, it looks like a sturgeon, on the other, maybe a carp (?).

Also, there are 7+7 forks/knives, with a very similar shape. Only mark is “TSJ Maravilla” (I live & bought them in Argentina). This is more than likely the mark of the importer (found this mark on English porcelains as well).
The fish depicted is more allegorical, but it’s hard to determine the origin (maybe Austrian too, or German?).

Interesting items, too bad I don’t have more!

Curious to see if they ring any bells, I buy for myself (not to resell).

Thanks for watching,

Antoine (French guy in Argentina)