Fish Server Set George III 1817 Ornately Carved Ivory Handle

On Fish Server: overall: 13.75 inches; ivory handle: 5.25 inches
On Matching Fork (very sharp!): overall 11.75 inches, handle: 4 inches
tag attached with string says: B Silverman, London Silver Vaults
Geo III, London Hallmark, and it looks like a “1” below that.
What is it worth? Where would I best go to sell it?
Thank you,

5511  E 101.jpg
5511  E 100.jpg

Hi there,
Presuming the hallmarks confirm the date your set is quite valuable. I’ve seen similar, though later, sets (cased) in auction in the UK go for around £300-500, By extension they would probably retail at close to £650-750+. As I said the sets I’ve seen were mid-Victorian and later (c 1860-1920).
I’m not sure what English silver fetches in the USA but a reputable auction house should be able to give you a reasonable auction estimate.
You might contact B Silverman as a first try. I don’t think they are in the London Silver Vaults now but they are in London. They might offer to buy them (back?). I can dig out their contact details if you need.
An international auction house such as Sotheby/Bonham/Christie will give a good idea as to whether it would be possible to sell them at an auction in the UK if that would realise a better price.
On a personal note I have my own website and I would be prepared to include your set on my site on a modest commission basis please email me at if you are interested in discussing that option.
Is the set cased? The original case will enhance the value.
Also if you can post a picture of the hallmarks since the maker/sponsor may be important.
Hope this has helped.