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Five Piece Silver Tea Set Help

I picked up this five piece silver tea set at a flea market and I was hoped you all could help me figure what I have. IE Silver or Silver Plated? What is Maker Mark / Hallmark? Value? and so on.
This is a five piece silver tea set as shown in picture. Serving plate is 11.5 inches (29 cm)in diameter for scale. It has an odd swirly pattern in all pieces accept the spoon. The makers mark / hallmarks are also shown in a picture. It appears as a stylized stick figure over a stamped animal ( I think it is an antlered deer) on the left and the letters H and S stamped on top of each other on the right. All pieces except the serving plate have this hallmark. The plate has the stick figure with 33 stamped below it. It also came with a hinged buckled storage box with the dimensions of 13x13x4.75 inches (33x33x12 cm). It is covered in light green faux alligator skin. Inside has a light green satin covering with indentions for each piece to fit in. It also has a sized wax paper bag for each piece to go in.
I hope you fellow forum members can help me identify the find. I thank you in advance for your help

Hi there,
I think it is silversplate. It is a silverplate mark, but it seems the producer is still unknown. Some people think it is French, but I’m not convinced.