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Football club's injury!

Said Chinese football news, two weeks Shenhua News More what Shenhua will play in the FA Cup at home into Wuhu, Anhui, what does not rule out the next year as a whole migration to Wuhu, Anhui, " overseas to meet with investors Jun Zhu Shenhua five state-owned shareholder representatives to talk about the future “,” state-owned shareholders did not even send people to talk about “what” original Jun Zhu Shenhua brand rented a price of 80,000 per year for 50 years. So much news, * authentic nfl jerseys * overwhelming short period of time, so tired that we never see, but to feel like chasing the original look like the U.S. drama “24 hours”. Oh. Just had active chasing the “24-hour” look somewhat passive and helpless, and now you have to look at. Why the team scores good when football market downturn? Like countless attracted criticism? Perhaps it is because the results were not good enough, not good to everyone’s expectations.

Are we going to take the league title to mid-spawned balls City? To plug the mouth of others? Seemingly Shanghai is expected. Moreover, the early development of professional sports rely on grades to boost the prosperity of the market, but not every team have achievements will certainly be * nfl personalized jerseys * able to drive the market and prosperity. Since I can not do it, you can not let others speak. Why the club invested too little? Because investors Jun Zhu afford not to, but also because of other state-owned shareholders have long wanted to withdraw withdrawal step, get rid of this cumbersome. Why the Shenhua brands are regarded as cumbersome it? Annual operating this football club burden too heavy, and I saw a lot of investment, but not the springs return. It is a thankless job!

Why operate the club such a heavy burden? Because the players’ salaries and bonuses, foreign aid, foreign teachers travel, rent too expensive (in previous years expenditures to honor their referees and officials the first not). Why player salaries and bonuses of the players cost so much? * cheap authentic nba jerseys * Is because enough people playing, selection too narrow, and looks around to so many people, so Suddenly! Why play in Shanghai too little? Especially young people too little? Only child, ah, the priority of education attrition rate is too high, ah, timber too hard ah proper job ah Wanwusangzhi ah, the policy does not support the ah, the old system limitations so a variety or concept, or awareness, or understanding aspects factors.

Why does not society, schools and families active young people and create the environment and atmosphere of playing it? Because the vast majority of people, in terms of daily social life came in the football front too much. Remember that in the live process and Liu Yue I have always thought that the strength of this Jordan team can only say that in general, and the West Asian powerhouse Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, the United * authentic nfl jerseys wholesale * Arab Emirates and other obvious gap, even though in the beginning of the Asian Cup draw Japan, South Korea recorded. However, is such a team, Jordan, seize the opportunity, but enough to yesterday’s China team on a symposium lesson! It seems that the Chinese team can only hope Camacho empty Cherish cast out of the national team training camp at the end of this month, as the magician generally help the team back to life!