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Forbes Silver Co - dish/bowl

Wondering if a silver plated dish/bowl with decorative handles made by Forbes Silver Co would be of any value? It is round approximately 11 inches in diameter and 2 +/- inches deep. It has the markings K S In and an eagle head stamped on the bottom and a label embedded that says A Harris & Co. It is very pretty when all cleaned up. Has a few places that the silver has been rubbed away to the copper beneath. In the process of trying to gently shine it without exposing any more copper.
I don’t know much about silver and silver collecting, so any information is appreciated.
Thanks in advance…

Hi there Ami and thanks for joining us. American silverplated stuff has little or no value, even in pristine condition.


Uncle Vic

Ha… thanks. Oh well, we have a nice new serving dish then. :slight_smile:
Appreciate your help.

There ya go - the pleasure of using it is where the real value lies. The monetary value of a lot of this stuff goes up and down with the value of raw silver and what’s hot on the market, and what’s not. Most of us buy and keep what appeals to our eye.

Uncle Vic