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Forbes Silver Co Platter 95 and Reed & Barton King Francis 1676 Platter


I was wondering if anyone might know the value of these items?

The Forbes Silver Co Platter says quadruple 95 and the Reed & Barton King Francis 1676 Platter is a meat tray I think from what I could find online. I’ll attach pictures.

Thanks so much!

As your pieces are electroplated they have no intrinsic value on the basis of silver content. I note that there are 3 Forbes platters of various sizes currently for sale on Ebay. I suggest that you watch how these do on the market to get an idea of the value of your platter. The Reed & Barton platter will no doubt have a similar value after allowing for any size differences. Note, too, that condition is important with electroplate with any plating loss causing disproportionate loss of value.