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Forbes Silver Quadruple 211, creamer pitcher

I have this old creamer pitcher and on the bottom it has a circle with Forbes Silver Co and a circled pic of an eagle, underneath it has Quadruple 211. I would like to find out some information about this piece, I know it was made by forbes silver co, but thats all I know, can anyone please help me, I have a picture that is not very good because I just put it on the scanner, I dont have a camera handy, but maybe you can make out some of the details on the pitcher

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Your mark is that of the Forbes Silver Co. that was formed in 1894 in Meriden, Connecticut as a division of the Britannia Silver Co. to produce silver plated goods. Forbes and Meriden were two of the original companies that were merged to form the International Silver Co. in 1898. The “211” is the pattern or model number. “Quadruple” denotes the item was silver plated four times to make a thicker silver coating on the copper base metal.


Uncle Vic