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Foreign Silver Art Bar Identification Please

I had these 2 bars what I call art bars for many years. I think they are silver but do not have a test kit to get professional results. I tried a couple tests I read about. One I set an ice cube on them and it started melting pretty fast at room temperature. I rubbed the back of the bar with a white cloth and got some light blackening like on the cloth. I read to put a drop of bleach on it and should change but it did not change in color or anything. Each bar measures 1/8" Thick x 15/16" wide x 9 1/16" Long. Each one weighs 5 ounces. Foreign markings that I cannot read. Maybe Chinese. The art on one looks like Monks or Buddha to me. I wanted to add some photos here but do not see a way to do that.


I have removed the post you added to the “Welcome” thread with your pictures - you could have done that here. And I have retrieved your images: