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Foreign Spoon with markings needing identification

Would like an opinion on what these marks mean:-

These are on the back of the following item:-

The size of this spoon is 5.5cm

Think that the 875 is the purity - 875 out of 1000. Is the mark next to this indicate where this spoon was made? Looks like sickle within a star. Could this indicate a connection with the Russias:?:

JJ - certainly not my specialty, but the crescent & star (maybe not a scickle?) is Turkish. I looked at the Turkish marks on but didn’t see that particular one.

And for whatever its worth, the spoon “looks Turkish” to me.

What about it readers? Ideas?


Uncle Vic

The Star & Sickle + 875 was the mark used on silver produced in the USSR. The mark to the left of the star in the same cartouche is the town mark, but it is not clear enough to make out in the photograph. The other mark is the maker’s mark. Any chance of a clearer picture?

At the moment I am unable to get the picture clearer - these markings are so small I had to use multiple macro filters (hence the ghosting). Not sure how to get clearer - not sure what combination of filters will clear the image. Will look into resolving this.

Think I have just ordered a USB Microope scope - hope I will get a clearer pic with this once received (should take several days before I receive).

Have just received the USB Microscope. Hope the following image is of a better standard than the last :-


That’s an amazing photo…could you please share the details on the microscope, perhspa with a link to the maker or seller? Very impressive.


Uncle Vic

Luckily, I bought this over eBay from a well-known UK High Street Supplier who has their own ecommerce internet site. The link to the page for the USB Digital Microscope is

Note: The supplier is Maplin - they are a well-known computer parts supplier within the UK!