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Fork and spoon Hallmarked


I have a Spoon and fork set which I am led to beleive was given to me at my christening they are presented ina dark blue case, the fork is hallmarked with an anchor, Lion and the letter ‘R’, the spoon is hallmarked with an anchor, Lion and The Letter ‘U’

Curious as to thier origin, age and value any help please?


Can you provide a clear picture of the hallmarks??

You can try this trick if needed… … ssion.html


Best pics I can get of the hallmarks


Added pics of hallmarks anyone have any ideas


still trying to find out what these are worth thank you


the piece with a u is birmingham 1969. the piece with an r is 1966.

not sure who a.s.p. & co is. They’re too modern for my books.

They’re worth about £30.




Thank you much appreciated


Angora Silver Plate Co - first registered in 1921