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Found a silver cup in the barn; need ID help

I truly did find a silver cup in my barn. It has several hallmarks on it, but I can’t find any info on them. Impressed are the letters “MOB” and another set A4. There’s two more marks, but I can’t really see them well enough. Any help appreciated.

Pictures are essential for identification so that the lettering style and the relationship of the marks to each other can be seen. Please have a go at including your pictures - it’s fairly straightforward. It would also be useful to know what country you are in as that might also help to point us in the right direction.


There are four sets of marks on the base as well as a scratched “7P36” (7 Pounds 36??) The interior of the cup looks like it was gold washed as well. Perhaps a handle-less punch cup?

Not really a lot of help but the 3 crowns mark looks like the Swedish silver mark. However I don’t think that is the answer because a full Swedish mark should also include an “S” in a hexagon plus, if before 1988, a town mark. In addition I don’t think that the bird mark is Swedish.


I don’t know if this image is any better. If it were Swedish, A4 would be 1831, but the trefoil crown would be 1918? The only MOB is shown as 1985 Guldinvest… Still can’t figure out the round mark yet. I found it wedged in a pocket of a barn door in Maine.