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Found a tray and took a chance...

Just wondering who the hallmark belonged to… I do believe it to be plated w/copper base. All of my research points to Lawrence B. Smith Co. but the marks are backwards compared to other examples I found online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I agree that this is a silverplate mark of Lawrence B Smith Co of Boston. See . By “backwards” I assume you mean in reverse order rather than as a mirror reflection. This is probably not significant. I could be wrong as this is not my area of expertise…

Yes. The order on the piece I found is griffons head, crown, crossed keys. Instead of, crossed keys, crown, griffons head. I guess that’s good news for me then :slight_smile: I wonder if this piece could e worth anything? It’s not in the best condition, but since it’s pretty old I’m assuming it’s worth more than the $6 I paid for it? Thanks for the help!