Found Silver Fork Metal Detecting

Good day, I am new to this Silver cleaning, I just found a Silver Fork. I know I have done some things that you are not supposed to do to silver, like a wire brush and soft steel wool. But at the time i did not think it was silver, I can barely make out the marking and i have it somewhat cleaned, but I still cannot get the pitting out. I found this in Kingston Ontario. I did a little research on this but still cant really identify the markings, I do know or think it is a Fiddle Style fork, ERA not sure. I think the markings say, Victorian Silver …
I have attached some pics. Don’t know what to do except bring it to an antique dealer or silversmith.
Has anyone heard of the VICTORIA SILVER O S CO. I cant find anything on this company
Thank You for any advice in advance!!


An old post on another forum suggests that “Victoria Silver” is a name used by the Ontario Silver Co. Your fork is not, of course, silver and may not even have originally been electroplated. An interesting curiosity though.


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Hmmm Thanks Phil,
So you don’t think it is silver, and it is just an ordinary fork.
I don’t see any silver markers on it, so maybe, unless they’re still hidden under the pitting.
But you may be right
Thanks again for letting me know about the Ont Silver CO.


This fork is only exhibiting the nickel alloy once plated with fine silver.


Ah OK, Jeff thanks for that. But it would still be dated in the 1850-1902 period I think.
Thanks all for the info.

Still a cool detecting find. lol