Found some of grandmas's silver plated items... $$$?

Well I guess I am new to all this, but would like some help in gaining some knowledge of the items I found at my parents house, I did clean the silver to the best of my abilities, Several of the items have lost some of the silver plate and have some bubbling due to age and neglect or improper care, I guess, Also, some are little time capsules of a day and age long time forgotten… I personally do not know what to do with them, whether I should sell them online, or keep them… Also, I can kinda of get the gist of the silver markings on the back of the items, but can not figure out how to tell how old they are, and whether the have a monetary value associated with,them… If possible could someone help me figure out this… I have taken pics of the 17 items in question and loaded them to my server… The URL is: (first directory)… For additional items simply replace the 1 with 2…, 3…, 4, 5…, 6…, 7… etc…, all the way up to 17… (number 6 is sterling silver and the rest are plated) When you get the ftp files simply click on them… The image attached is of I guess a three tea set or something with three item with the same design… I guess one is for cream, another of the two cups or bowls, is for sugar, and the third is a bit smaller than the second, and I do not know what its for… All have the following markings “Rogers Quadruple-plate 1286”… All I know or can guess is that they are silver-plated, but I do not know what the 1286 means… Any help would be greatly appreciated…

DG :confused: