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Found Spoon Washed Up From Ocean....

Hi there, I found this approx 5 yrs ago on a beach, here in Vancouver. I haven’t cleaned it yet (too scared). Just wondering if anyone knows how old it is and where it was made?

It’s electroplate & looks like the makers are J.G. GRAVES LTD of Sheffield UK.

John George Graves was active at Entreprise Works, St. Mary’s Rd, Gell St, and 169 West St, (1900-1910) and Margaret St, Sheffield (1911-1914)

Hope this helps

Don’t be scared about cleaning it - it’s not worth anything in monetary terms.

Ah, thank-you so much for solving this mystery for me!! It’s so great to know :smiley:
As for cleaning it, i think I may keep it as is…the “rustic” look. I have no intention in getting rid of it. It’s so much fun finding these treasures!

thank-you again