Found Spoons in Scotland - Can you help

Hi, I found 4 teaspoons in Scotland many years ago. I have identified one as Edinburgh 1848.
The others however I have not managed to trace so far. Could you help?

None of these spoons is silver. From the top:

  • electroplate by Deykin & Sons of Birmingham
  • unknown manufacturer; NS = nickel silver, a base metal alloy containing no silver at all
  • made by Daniel & Arter of Birmingham; Nevada Silver is their brand name for a white metal alloy akin to nickel silver


Thank you Phil. That’s very interesting.

I believe the additional spoon I added to the photos above is Stirling, Edinburgh, 1848.
Perhaps you could confirm I am correct.
Also, what would the “U” stand for on the underside of the handle?

Thank you.!

Yes, Edinburgh 1848; I assume you meant sterling rather than the Scottish town…

“U” is the family name initial of one of the spoon’s owners.

Thank you, very interesting.

The Edinburgh one was found in the soil under a floor in my home. I might be able to trace the owner
“U” of the home in the records.