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Found what I think is a snuff box at my grandmother's house

Firstly, I know nothing about silver! I found what I believe may be a snuff box at my grandmother’s house. It has several marks on the bottom, and the only one I’ve been able to identify is Boaz Moses Landeck, which I understand was an English importer of silver. Could someone please look at the attached (super crummy quality) picture and let me know what the other marks are? Thank you so much! (Sorry about the pic–only camera I have is my cell phone!) If it’s hard to see, the last mark on the second line is either 930 or 93D.

The marks next to SBL are English import marks; the first is the Chester assay office mark for imported silver, then .925 for the tested purity, then the date letter. I can’t make out what it is but you can work it out for yourself - it is from the cycle which began with A(italic) in 1901 with J missed out, so K(italic) is 1910.

The marks below that are the actual maker’s marks and are almost certainly from Hanau (Germany). The final mark should be 930 which is the silver purity declared by the maker. Note that, as 930 was not a recognised legal standard in the UK, it was tested as sterling (925).