Francis Higgins III

Any help appreciated.

I have 4 knives and forks with no handles. The hallmarks show they are London, Francis Higgins III or possibly Francis Higgins and Sons. Date appears to be 1896. They are in good condition apart from missing handles.

What should I do with them - sell as is or sell for scrap?

I also have an unusual spoon/flat Nathan Hayes - very small looks like a mini cake slice. Any ideas of its use would be great.

thanks for any advice and help. J

I would normally advise very strongly against scrapping silver as I consider it to be vandalism. However when pieces are in very poor condition I can justify sending them for scrap. Before you do it is worth trying them on the market. You should be able to list them on Ebay without cost and if they don’t sell it won’t have hurt your pocket; you may find somebody willing to repair them.

I think that you Nathan & Hayes is piece which you describe as looking like a mini cake slice is exactly that - for serving mini cakes: petit fours, etc.


Thanks Phil

I agree re scrap. I felt v uncomfortable about that. But we have been passing them down without handles for about three generations. :rofl: unable to make a decision about what to do with them. Apart from no handles they are in good condition.
I’ll list to see if I can find a buyer.
I will now have to buy mini cakes to use the slice.