Frank M Whiting candle holders

Greetings, I’ve inherited some beautiful pieces of silver from my mother. Not knowing 2 licks about silver I could use some honest help. I have 2 of these candle holders. Unfortunetly one of them i broken at the neck. Can anybody tell me anything about them. I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance-----Amy
silver candle holder marks.JPG
silver candle holders.JPG

Hi there Amy and thanks for joining us here on silver-collector. The Frank M. Whiting Co. was formed in 1878 in North Attelboro, Mass. The mark you show was used after 1896 due to a trademark lawsuit with another Whiting company. In 1940 it became a division of the Ellmore Silver Co. which went out of business in 1960.

The Frank Whiting company made farily good stuff. Your candlesticks are sterling. I cannot find them on to get an estimate of “ultra-retail” value. However, I own a similar set from another American maker that are also weighted and reinforced (usually the “reinforcement” is a copper or iron rod, and the weight is cement) that I paid about $200 for not too long ago, but mine had no condition issues and were a little more ornate. In their current state I’d estimate under $100, reparied professionally maybe $200 to 250.


Uncle Vic

Thank you Uncle Vic. This is a great site. Amy