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Frank M. Whiting Silver

Hello, my grandmother passed away and I inherited her Frank M. Whiting silverware set. It is the Princess Ingrid pattern from 1945. There are 72 pieces (12 knives are stainless steel so I think they may be replacements with no value?) I am hoping someone can tell me what this set is worth. I have attached a picture. They all need a good polishing but I think are in good shape and will clean up nice. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help. Danielle[/img]

Go to any of the matching services online to get an idea of retail value of your pieces (search “sterling flatware matching service”) and you should come up with some hits that will help you. Note that this value isn’t what these sellers would pay you, but what thry charge with markup after they buy it. Then, look at the big online auction site to see what pieces are selling for there. This type of Danish inspired pattern is, I believe, quite popular. And, right now, just before the holidays, is a good time to list a set on the big online auction site. BTW, nearly all modern sterling handled knives have stainless blades - they are original to the set and not valueless at all :slight_smile: .